Mesquite TX Roofing Hurricane Response

Mesquite TX Roofing Hurricane Response

Hurricane damage restoration services help protect your property with mitigation actions immediately following a hurricane.

And later help restore and rebuild your property to pre-storm condition.

Hurricane force winds can cause immediate and severe roof leaks, flooding and structural damage - leaving interior assets and equipment vulnerable.

Immediate action is necessary to minimize property damage.

In a disaster situation - like a hurricane or tornado - where roofing materials are torn off or severely damaged... need a team of professionals that can mobilize quickly to start emergency roof repairs and begin the hurricane restoration process.

A quick response time can mean the difference between recovery and total loss.


Hurricane Damage Roof Repair

Hurricane roof repair and restoration often begins with fixing structural damage to your roof.

If you've just been through a hurricane that caused wind damage to your roof, you may have had parts of your roof lifted or entirely ripped off.

When severe roof damage occurs, it may not be enough to simply tarp or shrink wrap the affected area.

If you've got sections of your roof missing, structural roof repairs will need to be completed first to build back a solid surface.

Then, you can install temporary roofing materials to prevent more roof leaks, while working through the insurance process to get a permanent replacement approved.


Stopping Roof Leaks From Hurricane Damage

Temporary roofing materials will help stop roof leaks and prevent further damage.

Following a hurricane...

...temporary roofing can include emergency roof tarping if you need a relatively short-term solution.

When you're looking for a longer-term temporary solution, shrink wrapping the roof may be the best option, as roof shrink wrap lasts longer than typical blue roof tarps.

If you have a flat roof, we may install a seam-welded loose lay TPO membrane as a temporary emergency repair. Below is a roofing project where the crew is laying a temporary TPO membrane after the flat roof was torn off.

Once the permanent roof replacement is approved by insurance, our crews will return to perform a total TPO roof replacement, including new insulation.

In each hurricane damage situation, BesTex Solutions will build back a solid surface then cover it with loose lay TPO, roof tarps or shrink wrap.


Tile & Specialty Roofing After Hurricane Damage

As one of the best tile roof installers in the USA...

...the BesTex Solutions Hurricane Response Team is equipped to handle complex repairs on slate and tile roofs, including hurricane roof repair for historical properties to fix tile roof hail damage or wind damage.

Following hurricanes, we complete tile roof repairs on all types of properties, including: churches, museums, estate homes, country clubs & resorts.

Our tile repair and installation professionals are master craftsmen trained in multiple tile types and will help you match your tile's shape, color and composition.