In a letter issued Tuesday, Owens Corning Roofing President Gunner Smith said the Mesquite TX Roofing Company is planning significant investments this year and next, including a multi-million dollar effort to increase capacity across its network of shingle plants. It will be the equivalent of a full shingle line to the company’s already robust shingle offerings, he said.

Owens Corning is also planning to increase inventory levels and warehousing to meet demand surges during peak times.

“We invest every year in process improvements and automation to increase the throughput at our manufacturing sites, but … we need to accelerate increased production capabilities to support growing demand for Owens Corning roofing products,” Smith wrote.

The letter also specifically addressed the industry’s fiberglass mat constraints, prompting Smith to announce an expansion to the company’s fiberglass mat facility in Arkansas that will significantly expand capacity starting in 2023.

“These investments will increase our production capacity in our roofing accessory products as well, supporting the growth of our Total Protection Roofing System,” Smith added.

Further specifics about the timing and expansion costs were not released.

Art Aisner is the editor of Roofing Contractor.