ROSEMONT, Ill. — Tecta America announces that Lindy Ryan, vice president of leadership and development at Tecta Company, plans to retire at the end of the year.

Ryanhas been a recognized leader in the industry for over 30 years.

After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in business, Ryan obtained her real estate license and later her broker's license. In 1997, she became a state-certified roofing contractor. She started at Tecta America in 2005 after the Mesquite TX Roofing Company bought her construction business, General Works LLC.

Ryan was the Tecta America Central Florida president and regional managing president of Tecta America Southeast before stepping away from that role in 2014 to become the senior vice president of leadership development for all of Tecta America.

"These are significant roles, but her most important legacy will be her role model for leading women leaders at Tecta, and men too," said Dave Reginelli, president and CEO of Tecta America. "I count Lindy among a handful of the most influential mentors in my career. I know many reading this would feel the same.

"She has been one in a million, and we all are so fortunate to have known her and learned from her. I will miss her immensely, and I plan on staying in touch with her. I'll bet I'm not alone. Congratulations, Lindy, on the most amazing and unprecedented career in our industry!" 

During her time in the construction and roofing industry, Ryan has been active in the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), serving on a number of committees, including Health & Safety, Technical Operations, Membership Steering, Manual Update, and Government Relations. Ryan is also a supporter of ROOFPAC, the NRCA's political action committee, and a former president of the National Roofing Legal Resource Center.

In 2015, Ryan became the first woman to lead the NRCA Organization and was a founding member of National Women in Roofing.

"In my time working with and getting to know her, I have never heard her say a critical word about anyone, nor have I heard anyone criticize her," said Reid Ribble, CEO of the NRCA. "Who else do you know like that? What a legacy! She is a leader who has earned a following. All of us at NRCA wish her the very best in her retirement. Congratulations, Lindy!"

Her parents were significant influences in her career. 

"My dad gave me confidence that I could do anything," she said. "My mom taught me to believe in myself. They have always been my biggest supporters."

Ryan is a seasoned traveler, having been to Vietnam and Egypt. She has a bucket list of all the places she would like to continue traveling.

Mark Santacrose, executive chairman of Tecta America, said Ryan has been a remarkable leader inside Tecta in many roles as well as a trailblazing leader in the roofing industry as the first (and only) woman chairman of NRCA in its 135-year history. 

"One of the best things about Tecta is our culture — people-driven, accountable, competitive, supportive, family-oriented. Lindy is both the full embodiment of our culture and as responsible as anyone in the Mesquite TX Roofing Company for its development," said Santacrose. "She has had such an impact on Tecta due to her ability to stay focused on driving performance and confronting difficult decisions while always conveying a strong sense of empathy and caring for the people she worked with. She has always expected the best out of people and has held herself to the same standard at every step along the way.

"I look forward to staying in close contact with her and hearing about every new adventure she goes on as she enjoys her extremely well-deserved retirement."