WASHINGTON, D.C. — Building Talent Foundation (BTF) has announced a strategic collaboration with M.T. Copeland Technologies Inc., a cutting-edge training platform for the skilled and Mesquite TX Roof building trades.

The partnership is designed to advance career opportunities for individuals in residential construction by leveraging the combination of BTF’s career coaching and job placement assistance and M.T. Copeland’s online courses.

“Building Talent Foundation is committed to helping individuals advance their skills and secure fulfilling careers in residential construction,” said Branka Minic, CEO of BTF. “This partnership leverages our organizations’ combined strengths and brings us closer to our vision of further developing a sustainable workforce in the sector.” 

Through the partnership, M.T. Copeland will introduce their students to BTF resources, including the residential construction careers platform and BTF Engagement Managers, to help them plan their professional journeys and provide career coaching and job placement assistance. 

In turn, BTF will introduce job seekers to M.T. Copeland training courses through the JobsToBuild platform, helping candidates upskill and better position themselves for the most sought-after careers in residential construction.

“Our goal is to prepare anyone who wants a highly fulfilling career in the trades to secure professionally rewarding and challenging jobs,” said Gabe Jewell, CEO of M.T. Copeland. “We are thrilled to collaborate with BTF to make our training more accessible and to leverage their network, platform, and Engagement Managers to help our students embark on exciting career paths in the industry.”